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End of Year Report

All current grantees of Firedoll Foundation should submit an End of Year Report when reapplying for funding. The End of Year Report and any new grant requests should be sent approximately eleven months after you received funding. However, there is no deadline and we will accept late reports and applications, but keep in mind this will also delay the decision-making process.

We want this report to be as painless as possible: just two or three pages (two is fine), addressing the goals and objectives outlined in last year's proposal. The brevity makes it painless for us as well.

We believe that no path is altogether smooth, so we are interested in any obstacles or difficulties you may have encountered last year, as well as your successes. We view setbacks as an opportunity to help if we can, never to penalize, and we put great store in an honest, transparent relationship with our grantees. It is disconcerting for us to find out about problems or major changes in a grantee organization from some source other than the organization itself. If your organization has undergone any staff or mission changes over that past year, please let us know in the report.

Current Firedoll grantees may submit a proposal for new funding. Please submit a proposal for renewed funding simultaneously with your End of Year Report. See our proposal guidelines here

Where to send

Electronic submissions may be sent to

If you prefer to send by post, please mail to: 

Firedoll Foundation
1460 Maria Lane, Suite 400
Walnut Creek, CA  94596