Firedoll Foundation


They say the first step is the hardest. In our case, it’s true. While our assets tend to remain finite, applications increase in number - so our filtering process becomes more rigorous. If you meet our eligibility requirements below you can go on to the next step, sending a Letter of Inquiry.

What we DON'T fund

  • Individuals
  • Organizations with budgets less than $150,000 dollars
  • General support for first-time applicants
  • Most Research (see below)
  • Education
  • Wild animal rescue and rehab
  • Climate Change
  • Pet rescue and rehab
  • Community leadership development
  • Youth development (other than aid for emancipated foster youth)
  • Internationally (except for Middle East Peace and an occasional grant in Environmental Conservation - the organization must be based in the U.S.)
  • In San Francisco, Marin, Sonoma, or San Mateo County (except for Traumatic Brain Injury) 
  • Films, videos, documentaries, books, websites, other media
  • San Francisco Bay restoration and conservation projects
  • Start-up or seed funding for organizations or projects new to Firedoll Foundation 
  • Large-scope, long-term initiatives (we prefer discrete projects with concrete end-of-year deliverables)
  • Wordy, jargon-laced, over-packed proposals (see below)

What we DO fund

  • 501(c)(3) organizations 
  • Non-private foundations under Section 509(a)(1), (2) or (3) 
  • Fiscally-sponsored organizations are welcome to apply
  • Projects in our Focus Areas 
  • Projects in our Geographic Areas 
  • Capital campaigns (rarely)
  • General support (existing grantees)
  • Research directly supportive of currently funded projects (see Current Grantees)
  • Projects with clear, discrete deliverables at the end of the grant year are the strongest contenders
  • Clear, tight, simply written proposals (see "Helpful Hints" on our Proposal Guidelines page)