Firedoll Foundation

Focus Areas

Community Development and Entrepreneurship

We believe that government has largely abdicated its responsibility in the area of community development. Although non-profit organizations should not be in the position of having to fill the gap, they are. Funders must step forward and provide them with support.

We concentrate our grant making on the Alameda and Contra Costa Counties of the San Francisco Bay Area, with a focus on the development of self-sufficiency through entrepreneurship and community services.

Our Community Development program area has a restricted application process. Please refer to our Schedule information on our Application Process page.

Immigrant Issues and Human Rights

Immigration is a continuing source of vitality and rejuvenation of American society. We reject the anti-immigrant hysteria that swept the United States in the 1990's, bringing with it the detention of thousands of immigrants by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

We support projects that provide alternatives to detention and advocate on behalf of detained immigrants and asylum seekers. We are especially inclined to support organizations providing legal aid to immigrants in detention, facing deportation, and/or seeking asylum. We make grants to human rights projects on behalf of vulnerable populations whose basic rights are being sacrificed by repressive governmental or religious policies or for the sake of global economic interests.

Our Immigrant Issues/Human Rights program area has a restricted application process. Please refer to our Schedule information on our Application Process page. Most of our grants our restricted to Contra Costa and Alameda Counties of the Bay Area. 

Environmental Conservation

We have a sense of urgency about the state of the planet and the web of life of which we are all a part. As a result, we support a variety of approaches to preserving the environment, including legal action, scientific inquiry, legislative advocacy and direct action. We do not fund environmental education.

We are particularly interested in projects involving regional cooperation and those that combine conservation with environmentally sustainable development, giving local people a stake in conservation. In the Western United States we restrict our grant-making to Northern California. We almost never make grants in Oregon and Washington. We give grants on a range of issues from protection of old growth forests and rivers to the preservation and rebuilding of eastern Pacific fish stocks.

Our Environmental Conservation program area is closed. Please refer to our Schedule information on our Application Process page.

The Peace Process in the Middle East

We believe that both the Palestinian and Jewish people have a legitimate claim to their common homeland, and that a just and lasting resolution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is possible. The Firedoll Foundation funds organizations which agree that the people of Palestine and Israel have the right to share their ancient homeland in peace and security.

Given the dire conditions in the Occupied Palestinian Territories at this time, our current funding focus is on humanitarian assistance, economic development, and support of civil society in the West Bank and Gaza; support to organizations defending the internationally recognized human rights of the Palestinians living under occupation; and support of organizations working to end the Occupation. Please refer to our Information for Grant Seekers for more information.

Survivors of Traumatic Brain Injury

Traumatic brain injury is an "orphan" disability in the United States. We have not come to grips with the numbers of survivors of TBI, and our knowledge of the physical, emotional, and economic impacts of this disability on individuals, their families and society is sorely deficient.

The Firedoll Foundation supports community-based, post-acute services for TBI survivors, especially programs that allow survivors to participate in and contribute to society. We support such programs in California in particular.